Hearing Aid Travel Tips

Getting ready for a big trip? Don’t let bad hearing get in the way of a great vacation. Communication is more important than ever while you travel, so being able to listen should be a top priority for any traveler. Here’s a list of do’s and don’ts for a successful and terrific trip.

travel tips


Pack plenty of extra batteries and tubing. You don’t want to stress partway through your vacation when you run out of important hearing aid components, so make sure to pack enough to last you the whole trip – and then some! Keep your batteries and any electronic parts in a waterproof container, and avoid exposing them to extreme temperatures for a prolonged period.

Consider a dehumidifier. If you’re going to a beachfront destination, rainy climate or anywhere with the potential for excess moisture in the air, bring a dehumidifier to use overnight. These machines remove the moisture and wax from your devices while you sleep, so you don’t have to worry about long-term damage to your hearing aids. Dehumidifiers can range from electric devices to cheaper disposable options.


Put your hearing aids wherever it is convenient before bed. Just like at home, it’s vital to store your hearing aids in the same safe place every night. Designate a place in your hotel room that’s free of dust, dirt and moisture. Make sure you put your devices there each and every night before going to bed.

Take your hearing aids out in the airport. TSA recommends keeping your hearing aids in during security screening, and the audiology staff at Hear Well Center firmly agrees. Taking out your hearing aids poses a plethora of risks, including loss and damage. Make sure your TSA agent knows you are wearing hearing aids as you go through security to ensure a pleasant and quick experience.

Pack your hearing aids or accessories in checked luggage. Always pack your hearing aids, parts and batteries in your carry-on luggage to avoid losing or damaging any pieces. If possible, pack an extra few sets of batteries in a different carry-on bag like a purse or backpack in case of emergency.

Slack on your cleaning routine. Daily cleanings are vital to keeping your hearing aids working their best, so don’t fall away from your routine just because you’re on vacation. Keep up with your normal daily cleanings to ensure you hear your best your whole trip long and don’t encounter any problems.