We are pleased to announce that we are open, and appointments can be scheduled at both our offices during our regular hours. At this time, we are temporarily limiting access to our office to scheduled appointments only, no walk-in appointments please.

We know that hearing, communication, and balance are essential in a time of emergency. At Hear Well Center, we are continuing to provide critical health services through this challenging time. We remain committed to the health and safety of our patients and employees as the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis is still an ongoing concern.

In addition to our regular services, we still offer services for those who are socially distancing and limiting their person-to-person contact. Please call the office if you are in need of the following services.

Options for those in need of new hearing instruments during the pandemic

Fortunately, today’s technology includes hearing aids that we can mail to your home and program remotely with a smartphone.

Even if you don’t have a smartphone, there are hearing aids we can program for you and send to your home along with a remote control that will allow you to make basic adjustments for loudness, comfort and clarity.

These include invisible completely in-the-ear hearing aids with a ready-to-wear fit option and over-the-ear hearing aids of all sizes.

Call the office for details.

Hearing aid services available during the pandemic

All hearing instruments can be cleaned and serviced using our drop slots at our front doors.  Please call either office ahead of time to schedule this transaction.

We can help guide you over the telephone or via video to troubleshoot a non-working or malfunctioning device. Again, please call either office to schedule this.

We can mail you batteries, wax filters, cleaning tools, dome tips and lotions; all you have to do is call.

For general maintenance and troubleshooting videos, please visit our Hearing Aid Maintenance page.

Tinnitus services available during the safer at home order

It is not uncommon for tinnitus to be ramped up during times of stress.  There are tinnitus instruments that can be pre-programmed with custom treatment signals and sent to your home.

There are also tinnitus treatment apps that can be downloaded and programmed remotely by Dr. Martinez over the telephone.

Hearing (auditory) processing

It is always important to keep your brain exercised. Like anything else – If you don’t use it you lose it.

There are hearing exercises for the brain. These can be accessed by any computer with an internet connection and some basic computer speakers. Call our office for details.

Dizziness/ vertigo/ imbalance/ disequilibrium/ instability services offered

We will offer some vestibular rehabilitation therapy via video-conferencing in June if the stay-at-home order is not lifted by the end of May.

Remember that daily physical activity of any kind improves overall balance and reduces risk of falling.  Tai chi is especially helpful.

Exercises targeted more for vestibular disorders causing vertigo include activities that require you to use your vision during and immediately after rapid head movements. A simple exercise involves walking down the hall while rotating your head horizontally from side to side and staring at a fixed object at the end of the hall.


Most audiology patients can utilize telehealth services offered by Hear Well Center.

Current patients are able to continue receiving follow-up care while new patients can complete their initial visit and begin seeking treatment. Many assessments can be performed during a virtual doctor visit.

For more with information from Governor Newsom’s Office, please visit: